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High, Low, Or No®

After logging on, you will be presented with pre-determined enrollment options.

  • A high option based on the maximum for which you're eligible
  • A low option based on the plan minimum
  • A decline option (NO), where you can express that you do not wish to participate.
Enter Employer Name
After entering your employer’s name, you will be connected to a secure site where you can login in and review plan information, watch videos, and either accept or decline coverage.

Based on the favorable enrollment conditions your employer has negotiated, it is important to accept or decline coverage by selecting one of the enrollment options.

What is High, Low, or No?

Understand why declining coverage is equally as important as accepting coverage.

High, Low, Or No® is the original simplified benefit enrollment system, with thousands of enrollments and hundreds of thousands of employees that have accepted or declined insurance coverage.

Why High, Low, Or No® is the Ideal Enrollment Solution

High, Low, Or No eliminates the need for an employee to meet with an insurance agent/enroller. By focusing on accepting or declining coverage with a self-enroll process, benefit participation is typically as high, or higher than disruptive onsite enrollments. This high participation results in favorable premium pricing and underwriting.


It's simple, easy, and fast — the average enrollment takes just a few minutes. If you elect to decline all coverage, it will take less than two minutes!


No build-outs required! Our system can be ready in a few days, can link to any benefit admin system, and can be delivered through email or text. This enrollment process should also meet the DOL Voluntary Benefit Safe Harbor requirements of keeping voluntary benefits non-ERISA.

Brokers & Consultants

Our system eliminates the need for third-party enrollment firms and keeps you in control of the valuable relationships you’ve already cultivated.

Contact Us

iOpt, LLC is an enrollment technology company and is not an insurance company. If you have questions about your insurance benefits, please contact your HR Department, insurance company or broker. For questions or concerns regarding this enrollment technology, please contact iOpt, LLC at info@iopt.io.


If you are a newly eligible employee (hired within the last 12 months) you may be eligible to participate on a guaranteed basis. If you are a previously eligible employee, you may have an opportunity to apply for coverage online. Please enter the company you work for in the Employer box. If eligible, you will have an opportunity to enroll. Qualifying will be determined based on answers to the online questions.

Privacy Policy

All data obtained by iOpt, LLC from the Client (including employer, employee, broker or insurance company) shall be held in confidence and shall be used only for the enrollment of insurance. Information collected will only be made known to the parties responsible for issuing insurance coverage. All data obtained by iOpt, LLC from the client will be used for insurance application purposes only.

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